Hinweise zur Größe und Rahmung der Bilder

Notes on the size and framing of the images


With the sizes offered, you can hang several smaller formats or individual large formats in your favorite place. Here it depends on the available space and your own wishes.

In this example, two pictures in size XS with passe-partout and frame are placed next to each other:

In large rooms or offices you have other options, for example here with two pictures without a passepartout in size XL:



Here the possibilities are very extensive. Maybe you already have frames that you want to use. Perhaps you would like to achieve a coordinated concept and purchase suitable, high-quality frames.

Here is my unreserved recommendation: magnetic frames from Halbe, depending on the situation and preference in metal or wood, with or without a passe-partout. I definitely recommend a visit to the Halbe-Rahmen website - there you will find extensive information on the sizes, materials and glasses. My pictures look best behind the high-quality museum glass.



The ArtPlacer simulation function, which can be accessed in my shop via the floating buttons on the respective product pages, has preset a number of frames with and without a passe-partout, which roughly correspond to the Halbe-frames in terms of size and designation. More on that in another post.

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