Photo art as therapy

Against the flood

Our lives are determined by images. But the daily flood of images has meanwhile developed a confusing excessiveness.

The smartphone is everywhere at hand, and we take and consume photos, often pointlessly, every second.

With my photographs, I want to break this endless loop.

A healing companion

My pictures are created with much love and in a balanced mood. In most cases I find my motifs in North Frisia and Jutland. The photographs are meant to be fixed points in your surroundings - whether at home, in the office or another beloved place. As daily, silent companions, they are supposed to help you evoke positive emotions and memories and thereby also unlock some mental energy for mastering daily tasks.

What you can expect here

For this gallery, I have selected some of my favourite photographs and sorted them thematically. You will find the following categories:

Lighthouses - They always stand at the most beautiful places in our region. These buildings are mostly a bit older, have a lot of symbolic power and offer memories for generations.
An ideal motif for mental cleansing or focusing. Very suitable for offices and meeting rooms to regularly provide yourself with a fresh all-around view of your thoughts.

Sheep - These humble animals are everywhere on the dykes here and help to protect the coast. When approached in the right way, they are not at all shy, either.
I often sit on the dyke with my cameras and then become part of the flock for a moment.
When looking at the pictures, just imagine yourself lying in the grass in the sun or snoozing in the wind with thick fur.

Relaxation - The beach chair is a popular retreat for relaxation time in North Friesland - whether on the sandy beaches of the islands, the green grassland of the Halligen or on the dyke of the mainland.
Take a seat in your basket and simply switch off. Or enjoy the view from one of the beautiful benches along the dykes or hiking trails on the islands. I have added more relaxing impressions from North Friesland to the collection here.

Coastal landscapes - The vastness and the special light, together with the clouds and the sea, present special natural scenes. You can find some performances here.
Looking at them, you can let your thoughts run free, almost a little walk.

Note on the products

I offer all images exclusively on one type of paper - Hahnemühle PhotoRag.

I have tried out many things in the last few years, including large-format Alu-Dibond prints. But you can't beat the classic framed picture. And the PhotoRag paper is still the best choice for my photographs.

The pictures are available in five selected sizes:

XS - 20 x 30 cm
S - 30 x 45 cm
M - 40 x 60 cm
L - 60 - 90 cm
XL 80 x 120 cm

Please also note the limitation of the offer: XS, S and M are available 100 times per photograph, L 25 times and XL 15 times. Each delivery includes a certificate of authenticity.

Sizing guide and framing

How big does a picture look in a room? That is often not so easy to judge. With the five sizes offered, I offer common formats and thus want to make the choice as simple as possible without sacrificing flexibility.

The title page shows framed examples with and without passe-partout in different room situations. On the product pages, you can test three room situations with the respective picture.

Combine your desired picture best with magnetic frames from Halbe-Rahmen Custom Frames - in my opinion, you will not find a better one. But other or available frames are of course possible.

Please also note the contributions in the blog with further hints and examples.

Production and packaging

For production, packaging and shipping of my works I work together with a professional printing company with many years of experience: theprintspace (the links in the following section go directly to the corresponding pages there).

The whole process is climate neutral.

As mentioned above and on each product page, I print exclusively on Hahnemühle Photo Rag® paper.

The high-quality art prints are produced in Düsseldorf or London, depending on the country of order, and shipped from there.

Worldwide delivery service without charge

The price includes worldwide delivery free of charge for the buyer. For technical reasons, the display only takes place after the order data has been entered during the order process.

Depending on the country of destination of the delivery, local taxes, levies or customs duties may be due, for which the buyer is responsible.

If you still have questions

You can't decide? You would like to have a frame, but don't have the confidence to frame it? Do you need a larger number of pictures for a private or commercial facility and would like a quote?

Please feel free to contact me, the easiest way is to use the contact form.

I also offer on-site service in the regions of Sønderjylland-Schleswig and Hannover by appointment.

Mail from the Expressionist - my extra offer

For the launch of my new gallery, there is also an e-mail distribution list - often called "newsletter". I plan to send out a letter every few months about new photographs or current promotions. So your mailbox will not overflow by subscribing. I use a German service provider for this service.

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10% of the proceeds of this online shop

will be donated to local organisations at the end of the year. I intend to select specific projects or campaigns that aim to preserve nature and habitats or to raise society's awareness of species and nature conservation. I will report on the status of the donation on my website. By the way, most of my photos are taken in or near the Wadden Sea National Park.

Rob Cale - Expressionist

"I like taking photos in nature most of all, and I find my subjects in my home North Frisia or in Jutland. I love the lighthouses on the North Sea, the variety of coastal landscapes and the countless sheep on the dikes. But of course my cameras also accompany me on trips to other places. The selective contrast between focus and defocus is one of my favourite stylistic elements in photography."

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